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Libre Lanzarote

Lanzarote forms part of the Canary Islands, it is situated 80km from the west coast of Africa and 1000km from the mainland of Spain.

Lanzarote is known for its volcanic landscape and beautiful beaches as well as its all year round warm climate. This makes it ideal for enjoying sporting activities or for those who choose to just relax.

Libre Lanzarote - Move | Relax | Nourish

Come and join us for a 4 night stay unique vegan experience on this beautiful island. Your stay is all inclusive, serving you delicious vegan food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Drinks include local wine, beer, water, tea and coffee. Our walking and cycling days give you the opportunity to explore and discover the true beauty of the island.

Our ethos here at Libre is zero waste. We avoid single use plastics and unnecessary packaging on any products or produce we buy in. We support local, small businesses and our chef will use fresh, seasonal produce which is locally sourced. Supporting these small businesses is important to us and them!

'Great fun! Had an amazing week in the sunshine, walking, swimming and yoga by the sea with the fantastic Antonella Siano. Great food and wine and my host Katie was exceptional! 😀 I’ll definitely be back for more. ❤️xx' - Fran

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Our relaxing all inclusive 4 night unique vegan experience is not just about food - it's about exercising, relaxing and recharging.

Every morning we will offer yoga as the sunrises followed by hiking, cycling or relaxing by the pool.


Our vegan chef will produce delicious and healthy food for you during your stay. The food will be seasonal, light and nutritious.

Snacks will be available throughout the day to compliment your breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Our experienced team will be with you throughout your stay with Libre. We are all keen hikers and are familiar with your guided walks.

We are the only completely vegan experience on the island.

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Tel: +34 711 019 571

Tel: +34 711 019 571



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